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About Nse Traderden Software

  • This system is developed by a team of traders and coders, who have several years of experience in stock market trading.
  • Over the years as a team, we realized that in intraday trading relying only on indicators can’t give you consistent profits.
  • For example: – if a stock is in a range of 0.5 to 1%, no matter what indicator you use it cannot give you profits, as you won’t get a good exit if the range is very small.
  • Now if you are able to find out stocks with good movement of 3 to 10% in a day, then any indicator on that chart will look good.
  • On these high-momentum stocks where there is good intraday movement even a simple moving average applied on the chart will look good.
  • As a team, we tried to resolve this issue with our web-based dashboard service which will help you to come over this situation.
  • So that you don’t rely on the indicators alone.


Monthly Pack (MT4)

1500+18% GST

1770 / Month
  • This is inclusive of mt4 data of Rs. 350
  • With monthly subscription you do not get access to the ntd dashboard services

3 Months (Dashboard Access)

5000+18% GST

5900 / Month
  • This will include 3 months access to NTD Dashboard Services

Yearly Pack

12500 + 18% GST

14750 / Yearly
  • Which includes MT4 Charting Software with indicators plus 1 year access to the dashboard.
  • Note: Data charges per month of Rs. 350 will be extra for MT4 live data.

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